Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sightings . Updated 18.55 Wed Mar 04 2009

Weird UFO sightings: Triangle formation
In Peru, in America and in the UK, UFOs have been spotted this year,
apparently flying as a team. Keywords: triangle, triangular, ufo, ufos, formation, flying, together, unidentified, object, unidentified flying object, sky, camera, footage, real, genuine, hoax, fake, incredible, new, 2009, march, february, filmed, caught on camera, seen, sighted, peru, uk, england, america, washington,


  1. this looks strangely similar to what I saw last night on Landry Ave. in North Attleboro..

  2. im from houston texas in summer of 1999 i saw same shape over the sky for about a min to min half with all the kids on the block when we were playing out side. red orange orbs above the sky higher than clouds moved slowly in one direction stoped turned 180 degrees moved alittle more and moved super fast that seemed from a scifi movie "warped" cant find reportings no where in it... jokerdude1350atgmaildotcom....