Thursday, 5 February 2009

Filling the Gap

Opportunities requiring communication and improvisation may be stimulated by unexpected finds.

On such occasions a I often refer to a book I bought in the mid 80’s from the boot sale that used to be held at Hackney Greyhound track which is now becoming the Olympic village. The book has always proved an invaluable support in times when I did not know what I was doing and I would like to share an extract with you.

The book is:

How to overcome nervous tension and speak well in public.
Written by Alfred Tack and published in 1913

Chapter IV
The Price of Success
Filling the gap

“Choose two words – for example football and Eskimo. Now make a minute speech commencing with the word football and ending with the word Eskimo”.

Now see what you can do with the following sets of words:

Begin with Tibet and end with handkerchief.
Begin with sand and end with tomatoes.
Begin with rabbits and end with Stonehenge.
Begin with cinema’s and end with oak trees.
Begin with libraries and end with love.

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