Thursday, 12 February 2009


Getting Started

First, you will need a stick and a plate.

1.Hold your plate in your right hand. Take a stick in your left hand and put it underneath the top of the rim. Release your plate and let it stay on the stick

2.Commence spinning your stick in a circular motion -- slowly at first, then gradually speeding up.

3.The plate will be vertical when you start. As you spin faster, the plate will begin to move into a horizontal position. The faster you spin, the more stable the plate should be.

4.Once the plate becomes stable, you can gently guide your stick towards the center of the plate.

5.If the plate slows down, use the palm of your free hand to gently strike the side of the plate to speed it up. Do not strike it too hard, or you will destabilize the plate.

PLEASE NOTE : The tune Sabre Dance should be played in the background.

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